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It can be challenging to try to get the attention of visitors with an exhibition booth, especially when there are so many other booths in the event trying to do the same thing. In a battle between booths, sometimes it all boils down to how easily you can get the point across. A lot of exhibitors tend to have a difficult time as they often neglect one of the most critical elements of a professional exhibition stand – quality banners.

You will find that without a good design or proper banners at your side, you will easily be edged out by the competition, even if you might present the better exhibit. Here are just a few steps you can follow to design quality exhibition-style rollerbanners.

How to catch the eye of potential visitors

Some exhibitors believe that loud colours and even louder messages will catch the attention of visitors whether they like it or not. It is an aggressive style that has its roots in traditional advertising – but all it does in an exhibition booth is annoy those who would otherwise be interested. While it is indeed a good idea to make use of eye-catching colours, it does not mean that you need to bombard people with complicated designs.

Catching the eye of potential visitors is not just about being aggressive – but being smart. While traditional advertising tactics might get their attention, it will only keep their gaze for a few seconds at most.

How to keep their attention

You can catch their eye with a few loud colours, but if you do not get the point across within those few seconds, you will not be able to keep their attention. You can accomplish it by not going overboard with text and keeping only enough to get to the point. Your banner design would benefit from a simple foundation. You do not need complicated layers to attract visitors – they only need to know what your booth is all about. Try to keep it simple and do your best to keep it subtle.

Banner quality matters

Even if you might have a well-thought-out design for your banners, it will not be able to accomplish anything if the banner itself is subpar. The last thing your exhibition booth needs is low-quality banners ruining your chances. Whether it is the material or the resolution of your design, the quality of the banner is a top priority. Even if you might be an inexperienced exhibitor, you will be able to attract potential customers by investing in quality materials and design for the banners.

The three steps above will ensure that no matter the state of your exhibition stand, you will have the best possible chance of attracting people. Catch their eye by going for loud colours, though keep their attention by ensuring that the point you are trying to get across is simple in nature. Do not get too carried away with the design, and you will come out on top.

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