How To Quit Your Current Job In A Professional Way

Quitting your job doesn’t necessarily mean there is problems. Sometimes, you would just need to quit your current job because it’s not a healthy environment to enroll in anymore. Some people would have certain issues with some colleagues which can actually make it unbearable to tolerate the atmosphere in the office. There are many reasons which can make you reach to a point where you really must quit your job.

Most employees may quit their jobs because they simply found a better job opportunity. The question is Can you actually quit your job in a professional way?

Employees sometimes lacks knowledge about some of the labor law regulations in their country which might lead them to the right method and way of quitting your job without breaking the laws as well as the company’s policy . What are the known methods of quitting your current job in a professional way?

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Here are the steps to be followed to quit your job in a professional way:

  1. Your colleagues shouldn’t know your plans.

The last thing you want to bring for yourself is office gossip. When you plan on leaving your current work, make sure your boss is the only one who knows. Make everything by taking professional steps, set up a meeting and make it official when you’re ready. Even if some of the colleagues close to you, they do not need to know you future plans. If it occurs and your boss knows from an employee, it will create an uncomfortable atmosphere besides giving your boss a feeling of ignorance and disrespect. Make sure you don’t leave your company with a damaged reputation; it will certainly weaken your colleague’s recommendation and references in the future for you.

  1. Give at least two weeks notice.

It’s a common known practice that employees would give a two week notice before they send the resignation letter. The truth is, two weeks is the minimum amount of notice, the best time to give a notice is four weeks before sending your resignation letter .four weeks is a fair amount of time for the employer to find a substitution to replace your position.  Before even thinking about writing your resignation letter, make sure you read the company’s policy terms or remember how many weeks did the previous employees leave before they left.

  • You need to check the company’s policy before taking any step; some companies would not take it easy when you ignore their regulations and laws.
  1. Send a formal notice letter.

The notice letter aims to send your resignation information for both HR and your boss, which clarifies that you will be leaving the company. It has to include the date you’ll be leaving, which will make the company aware of not giving you extra work which can make you work more than intended. The notice letter (E-mail) is the official way to declare that you finished your tenure at the company, which is important because you don’t want employees or any other individual to think that you got fired or you’ve just left.  The notice letter needs to be short and includes sweets words which complements your employers as well as feeling sorry that you’re leaving the company. If you quit any job leaving a great nice image about yourself before leaving then is sure that you’ll be nicely mentioned and you’ll be more than welcome to rejoin their team again if you have no luck outside their company.

  • If you don’t know how to professionally write a notice letter, you can surf the internet for notice letter templates and get a clear idea of how you should write yours.
  1. End your journey Clean and Strong.

When most employees decide to quit, their productivity usually drops down. When you keep your work rhythm in the same consequence even after you write your two weeks’ notice, this means that you’re a responsible and accountable professional. You need to leave a string lasting impression on your boss and your colleagues, they will eventually recommend you!

Your boss will never forget any employer who stayed dedicated and committed till the end of their journey, they are always in the favorites list. Sometimes you might have been controlling a huge project while the company relies on, the best suggestion in this case is to stay until the project is finished by working as a part-time or a freelancer, or you can at least bring someone qualified and energetic in your place . This will give your employer a huge feeling of comfort and another last positive impression about you.

  • The worst thing you can do to your company is to leave your company and colleagues with a pile of undone work, which was previously controlled by you. Leaving work without thinking of your company’s interest leaves a negative impression about you.
  1. Do not leave empty handed.

This certainly doesn’t mean you should take any material stuff from the company before you leave. This step is crucial and needs to be done professionally as well. You should never leave a job without having a back-up plan in hand. How? After you’ve set a target of quitting your current work, you need to immediately start searching for an alternative job opportunity. Most employees wouldn’t leave work unless they are looking for a better opportunity or because you’ve got other plans in mind like changing your field for example. You need to be fast and accurate in searching for suitable job opportunities around you, if you want to superior in job search methods; you need to target your job position requirements and qualifications. Make sure you have more than 3 job interviews after your one month notice ends.

  • The best way searching for suitable job offer is by visiting famous online job vacancies portals like LinkedIn and
  • You need to search for the jobs that perfectly fit your requirements and qualifications. Do not submit your resume in every online job website that appears in your face, you should only apply your resume on secure authorized online job websites like Your resume contains confidential information about you, that’s why it shouldn’t be exposed to websites which might include spams and viruses in.

Leaving your job can be done in a really professional way. It relies on your actions and on your previous relationships with your colleagues and past employers. Why would your employer hate you if you quit? They wouldn’t. They might only feel little bit frustrated that they’ll lose one of their energetic and committed employee. Always make sure you leave a good clean reputation of yourself, you never know when both your colleagues and employers might be your future reference and they couldn’t be the ones writing your recommendation letter one day, sustaining a solid clean strong reputation is a must in any work environment. Remember , never leave your job empty handed !

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