New Leadership In Speyer

In September of 2015, Speyer assumed complete power of his company after his father. Before the transfer of power, Speyer was both president and CEO while his father was chairman and CEO. His father will stay on the board as chairman to oversee some of the company’s biggest properties like the Rockefeller Centre and the Chrysler Building. The progression of leadership reflects that the business and real estate investment firm knows what their future involves and knows how they want their future to be shaped. It means that there will be a change of management without losing the heart, soul, and unified leadership that the company has been under since the Speyer family purchased it.

The business has had highs and lows over the years but the Speyer family largely contributed to the growth of the company and it’s success. A couple of years ago, the company announced that they were purchasing Macy’s in Brooklyn after a bidding war. They bought it for nearly $300 million. Macy’s has maintained their 5 floors of retail but Speyer has decided to develop 10 stories of office space above that. Thus far, the company has been very successful in their development on the building. Spewer looks forward to continuously growing the company capital and capitalizing on development opportunities and projects. Dominating the city of New York’s real estate market, the company has expanded into other cities in the United States and international cities as well. It is only going to be so long until they dominate the international real estate market as well… especially with their new leadership!