Are You Allowed To Defend Yourself From An Attack

What is an illegal attack? What is the legal defense allowed and what are the limits of such a defense? How does the law define self-defense?

MKC Real Estate Peterborough believes it is our job to make it clear to you about defense. One factor is responsibility and knowledge that you are allowed to defend yourself against attacks. This is what the everyday practices show us. It is the obligation of every person who is engaged in self-defense system, to learn how to defend themselves from possible attacks. That is why it is recommended to take martial arts classes and learn more about defense.

Self-defense excludes the element of unlawfulness as one of the basic elements of the offense and therefore excludes the existence of a criminal offense.

Action implies a human behavior, and the defense is a human behavior as well. It is a moment when a person decides to defend themselves. No act of crime that has occurred under the influence of absolute force, i.e. irresistible force excludes decision.

In order to act, and respond to a certain human behavior that you do not like or cannot tolerate is a criminal offense even if you just use words that can be insulting. It is even worse if there is a physical violence involved.

As you can assume, you are allowed by the law to defend yourself but in a decent way that does not hurt the other person, otherwise you will be committing the same or similar type of crime. And what you need to be doing is not to let this get to you and try to solve the problem in a very short period of time.

Guilt is subjective, psychological response of the perpetrator. This element has three components: accountability, intent or negligence and awareness of illegality.

The offense is premeditated if the perpetrator was aware of his act and wanted its execution (direct intent), or when the perpetrator was aware that he could perform the act but agreed to this.

The offense is committed by negligence when the perpetrator was aware that your actions can cause that, but carelessly assumes that it will not happen or that he/ she will be able to prevent the conscious negligence, or when he / she was not aware that your actions can do the work though the circumstances under which it was done and according to his personal characteristics, he should and could have been aware of this possibility (unconscious negligence).

It is of a great importance to learn how to defend yourself but try not to attack other people. Attack is not the best form of defense. You should not respond using the same way they used. Defend yourself and make sure you report the attack to the authorities if you feel that it is necessary.