Introducing a Prophet, a Spokesperson of God and Gifted Healer

There have always been contradictory attitudes towards the existence of the divine power, the God. Those living on the edge of science often tend to dismiss the very idea of Him. Their researches and discoveries have made them travel on a different route altogether. Although those who have experienced miracles in their life course, having faith in God have helped them overcome the distressing moments of life with grace. What every individual has to understand, instill within, the belief in Him, and following his given path, would instill courage to face all adversities with a smile. It is all about improving the quality of life, not by committing to worldly pleasures but by devoting oneself to Him.

The messenger of God:

The aim of Prophet TB Joshua is to make people aware of the power of God, and preach them He is for us and not against us. This prophet in his divine intervention received message of the Almighty, to start his own Christian ministry. Since then his sole motive was to follow this path directed to him, and make others aware of His plan. Starting Synagogue Church of All Nationswas tough initially but with God’s grace, it soon started fulfilling its purpose.

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Now every week he holds sessions to impart the wisdom of words in the Bible and preach others to find their own path towards God and towards salvation. In few years’ time, it has become one of the most sought after religious pilgrimages for Christians from all over the world. Through him, the words of the Supreme Being are reaching a massive crowd and touching their lives.

The healer of body and soul:

Being a man of God, he possesses power to heal the body and cleanse the soul from all the vice and disorders. Endowed with authority to make right use of it, he has been the healer and a savior of many lives. Nobody can perform miracle to the extent Jesus Christ did, however there are attempts to fulfil the duty rested upon by the God on the prophets. The SCOAN and many of the visitors, who experienced healing of their illness and troubles, have claimed that prophet TB Joshua has blessings from the Divine Being to cure the world. His prayed over anointed water has been of immense help to those on who scientific medicines failed to effect.

The fortuneteller:

It happens not only in the stories but also in reality. Prophet the word itself claims that the person is able to look into future and make prophecies of what is about to happen. This prophet, the leader of SCOAN has also successfully predicted future events related to lives of renowned people, nations and the imminent terrorist attacks, approaching natural disasters. He even prophesied the future of many of his followers who attend his sessions and church.

The presence of such a great human being with extraordinary skills and power is very necessary for the predominance of good in the society and in every individual’s life.